​​Mari Nosal’s Ten Commandments Of Interacting and Communicating With Kids on the Autism Spectrum and Related Commandments Paperback Book

The Autism Book Everyone Is Talking About

 “Ten Commandments of Interacting With Kids on the Autism Spectrum and Related Commandments” By Mari Nosal M.Ed.

 The Book That Is Changing The Way Autism Is Perceived

Mari Nosal’s Ten Commandments Of Interacting and Communicating With Kids on the Autism Spectrum and Related Commandments Paperback Book

​​We all have our own path to walk. My intent is to help those who walk the path I have walked, as both a parent and professional, and light their path to make their load slightly lighter.

​There is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel if you can just muster up the energy to reach it.

The Ten Commandments are based on my experience with over 25 years as a parent and wife, 15 years in schools working one-to-one with autistic children, as well as a site coordinator with school-age children, and decades of experience in human services.

If parents, professionals, and everyone involved in your life could be affecting the outcome of your child’s life.

​Many times, children don’t reach their full potential in success simply because they are not given an instruction manual.

​However, in a child’s case, the parent is the teacher – The Ten Commandments are an instruction manual for how to help your child achieve maximum success, impacting the outcome of the rest of your life by teaching your child.

Would you like to see your child:

#Better understood by extended family, teachers, peers and society at large? Then this is THE book to give as a gift.

* Do better in school
​* Achieve optimal social success
​* Be more successful for the rest of their life

If your child can’t exhibit basic skills, such as knowing how to hold conversations, being able to confidently make eye contact, struggles with study skills, and how to do well in school, they’re going to fail when they DON’T HAVE TO, and this can destroy their hidden potential in life.

A child’s identity can be labeled as “difficult” or “stupid”, when in reality they’re just misunderstood​, and because of this many people will try and fail to help them learn and grow, because they don’t UNDERSTAND the root of the problem.

​This book is your “answer key” – the Ten Commandments are taught in 3 parts, which address managing a child’s entire support team including parents, teachers, and everyone in your child’s life.

The Ten Commandments of Interacting with Kids on the Autistic Spectrum is designed to be a manual to get all the information you need in a timely fashion.

Think of it like having an expert in your back pocket at all times, and a reference to help your child or student succeed at the best of their ability.

Inside you’re going to get:

* Quotes and photos of 11 families who reside in Canada, United Kingdom, U.S.A. and Panama describing in their words what it’s like living with autism via stories told through their own experiences. This will help you identify and understand what your child or student is going through, and how to best relate to them.

* Poetry and musings about autism as seen through the eyes of a knowledgeable expert, parent, and educator to show you how to more deeply connect with your child or student.

* Thoughts, photographs, quotes, photos and shared experiences from people just like you all over the world who have been through what you’re going through, and how to best understand what your child both is looking for and needs ​from you.

This book shows you real life examples of a  collaborative system from someone who spent a career designing grade-school curriculums for children, parenting a son with Aspergers Syndrome, and working with children with disabilities, and now I want you to benefit from my many years of experience and ​discovery.

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​Check out this representative sample of the full thirty commandments for interacting with kids on the autism spectrum available in my book

#Thou shall not avoid my family when you see us in a public place. Autism is not a communicable disease. It is merely a way of life. You will not catch it by being my friend. Hang out with me and my family and learn about us. Once you understand our challenges it will be self-evident that we have hopes, dreams, and feelings. We love our children just as much as you love yours. Who knows, you might grow to accept us if you give us a chance.

#Thou shall not judge my family. If my child is having a meltdown and seems inconsolable, do not assume I am an incompetent parent. You cannot always judge a book by its cover. Do not tell me that my child is spoiled, ask me why I cannot control him, or tell me that my child needs to be punished. He is already punished enough by remarks from people who assume they know what is best for my family, even when they do not even know us. I am attempting to be a good parent. Your negative remarks hurt me greatly. Your positive remarks give me the internal strength to go on, and rejuvenate my belief in me and my child.

#Thou shall be patient. My child may have a large expressive vocabulary. This is rote knowledge that has been memorized. In this case, he may not process (receptive language) what others say unless it is presented in a literal, concise, and direct manner. My child may lack a large vocabulary (expressive vocabulary) but make no mistake that he can comprehend you through his receptive vocabulary. Get to know my child and convey messages through his learning style. You will be surprised at what a wonderful child he is if you get to know him.

Thou shall not snub my other children. It is difficult for neurotypical siblings to grow up with a sibling that has special needs. My heart breaks for my children when other children decline sleepovers, parties, and more because of my special needs child. Providing equal attention to all my children is quite the balancing act. Their sibling with disabilities occasionally requires more time and energy. This is not by choice but necessity. Please make a point to help out and make my other children feel welcome at your home or functions.

Thou shall not judge my housekeeping skills. My house may occasionally be in disarray. That mess is a sign of love; a sign of a family that has placed priorities on going to therapy appointments, doctors, social groups, and more over the importance of several dust balls. We balance jobs, carpools, and daycare, just like the rest of society as well.

Thou shall believe in my child. Do not call my child stupid, lazy, spoiled, selectively deaf, a brat, and more. My child has a neurological impairment which can affect processing skills, focusing, expressive or receptive speech, and internal control mechanisms, i.e. “losing it”. There is an old phrase, “We become what we hear.” The self-fulfilling prophecy is alive and well. My child tries hard to learn, control his behavior, socialize, etc. Please attempt to tell him what is right with him, not only what is wrong. Thank you for being a role model for my child. Children become what children see.Author: Mari Nosal: I am a published author and focus on books pertaining to autism and Aspergers Syndrome. I have recently published a book with curriculum ideas for inclusive and multi age classrooms. I am currently writing an expanded version of my curriculum ideas which will include behavior management tips, tips to engage students in the classroom, interventions, and more. I have had special needs articles published in several magazines.

I have presented autism workshops to staff, management teams, and parent groups. I offer tips on curriculum development and behavior modification within the classroom and through in-services. I am certified by the Department of Early Childhood Education as a lead preschool teacher, an infant and toddler teacher, and site coordinator qualified to manage school age programs. I have recently ventured into public speaking engagements to educate both parents and educators on autism and Aspergers Syndrome
I want my experiences and challenges to be used productively as a learning tool for other parents and for educators as well. When my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s a decade ago it was a foreign word among many parents and professionals alike. I fought for help never giving up. Through my books I wish to help parents feel like they do not walk in the dark, that they are not alone, empower them and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I also want to educate society at large on the topic of the autism spectrum. I believe all parties involved need to work as a collaborative team in order to insure optimum success.


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